"It sounds like a wonderful service! But how much?"

At Maow Care we like to keep pricing simple. We would rather spend time doing cat related stuff than admin!  

Cat Sitting - click here for service details

One hour: 25 Euro

Half hour:  20 Euro

The first meeting to get to know each other is FREE. There is no key pick up charge, no drop off charge, no VAT on top, no other hidden charges. All you see is all you pay! 

We do offer a neighbourhood discount to people in Dublin 3 (where our HQ is!) Talk to us today! 

Behavioural Therapy

House call: 2-3 hour consultation - 100 Euro, follow up phone calls and email are included.

Skype consultation: 1 hour consultation - 40 Euro

New parent coaching: 1.5 hour consultation - 50 Euro per family

Cat vs Baby coaching: 2-3 hour consultation - 100 Euro, follow up phone calls and email are included.

Special Services

Vet runs: 10 Euro per 30 mins + taxi both ways 

Airport drop off and pick up: 10 Euro per 30 mins + taxi one way 

Cat Catcher service: 20 Euro per 30 mins. (We very rarely need more than 30 mins!)

Overnight sitting: 105 Euro per night, from 20:00 to 8:00 the next day. (Please be aware it's a 12-hour service. We all have our own cats and we need to do regular cat sitting during the day, we are not able to stay in your house for 24 hours.)

If you can think of other cat scenario where our cat expertise would be useful, talk to us! 

The Maow College

Upcoming workshop: 

18 February 2017, Pet First Responder Course - 115 Euro

You can also sign up for the MAOW! newsletter for notification for future workshops.