Behavioural Therapy

What is it? 

A lot of people think cats just “have their own ways”, but it is not true! Most feline behavioural problems are caused by misunderstandings between human and cats. You and your cat(s) can both live better lives if the behavioural problems are modified.

Are you a cat whisperer?

No, I can't talk to cats if that's what you have in mind. However, I can read cat's body language. More importantly, I am doing the detective work to help you to see your living environment from your cat's point of view. By working together, we can figure out what cause your cat's behavioural problems. 

What problem can you solve? 

  • Destructive marking behaviours such as spraying (urine) and middening (feces)

  • Inappropriate elimination (urinating , defecating) outside of the litter box

  • Clawing and other destructive behaviours (e.g. scratching the furniture)

  • Aggressive behaviour with the owner, other cats, or people within the household (e.g. clawing, biting, chasing, bullying, etc)

  • Yowling, inappropriate vocalization, and compulsive behaviours

  • Other so-called “bad behaviour”

  • Other trainings: Introducing (and re-introducing) new kittens, other cats, other animals, or new people to the household; cat care advices, taking care of kittens, etc.

House call

100 Euro : 2-3 hour consultation, follow up phone calls and email are included.

Trust me, you will need to talk to Alice for a while after the consultation, sometimes it takes weeks to see any changes.

Skype consultation

40 Euro: 1 hour

Thanks to technology, we can help more cat people all over the world! Let's be honest, Skype consultation won't be as good as a house call, but if you are overseas or you just need some care advices. Skype will be a good option. 

New parent coaching

50 Euro per family: 1.5 hour

Having a new cat is an exciting journey! But if you are a first time cat parent, you might be very nervous and have a million questions. Alice can come into your house to help get you started on the right foot. She can advise you on all the care questions. How to set up the house, and everything you need to know, e.g. How to trim cat nail? Do you need a cat tree? How much to feed cat? etc. 


Expert consultant to media and court cases


I have experience working with media in filming cat related subject. If you have a project that involves cats, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Cat vs Baby coaching

100 Euro per family: 2-3 hour consultation, follow up phone calls and email are included.

Did you know Alice is also a trained doula? Equipped with the knowledge of cat behaviour and newborn baby behaviour, it has become her speciality to help with this particular area. You can have a look at her article here on the subject matter. 

If you are expecting or you have a newborn baby, you can schedule coaching sessions to ensure a smooth adjustment of your family: 

Alice can help you with: 

  • antenatal preparation for cat(s) to get used to the smell and noise of all the new baby things

  • the actual introducing the baby to the cat(s)

  • information on how to supervise baby and cat play time

  • how to ensure baby and cat have a good start of a friendship

The Maow College

Upcoming workshop: 

4 November 2017 - Pet First Responder Course

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