How does it work?

1. Meet and greet

So that we can get to know each other better! (FREE OF CHARGE)

2. Paperwork 

After the meeting, we will leave you these documents so that you can fill them in: 

  • Cat profile
  • Customer profile
  • Veterinarian release form
  • Flight and hotel details
  • Service agreement

3. Actual sitting

Feed cat, top up water

Play and cuddle with cat

Scoop and/or clean litter tray

Any other cat-related stuff you need us to do - give tablets, insulin injection, subcutaneous fluids, supplements, put on sunscreen, turn on your cat's favourite TV show, etc. We have seen all sorts of requests, try us, we won't laugh. 

4. Kitty news


You will get updates from us after each visit through a medium of your choice - text, email, whatsapp, viber, FB messenger, we have ALL the apps! 

5. We wait for you to come home

Due to the nature of this job, we don't assume the job is over until you confirm that you are home! We are committed to your cat until your return. 

Other valued-added service FREE OF CHARGE

Clear mailbox

Adjust the lights

Adjust curtains

Water plants

"It looks like just the service my cat needs, but how much?" Click here to find out.  


We also provide the following 'special services': 

Vet Runs

No time to deal with vet appointments? No worry, we can handle it for you. From making the appointment, catching the cat, transporting the cat, attending at the consultation to dropping the cat back, we can deal with all of these for you. 

Airport drop off and pick up

Not travelling on the same flight with your cat? Worry not, we can meet your cat's flight for you.  

Cat Catcher

You can go to the vet yourself but can't be dealing with putting the cat into the carrier? We can help you! We are the experts who know how to handle a stress out cat (and a stress out human!) 

Overnight sitting

Got kittens, elderly cats, special need cats who need more than just simple cat sitting? Or maybe your holiday is very long and you want us to break things up a bit for your cat? We do provide overnight sitting upon request. Obviously, availability is very limited and advanced booking is essential. We have family commitments and our own cats to take care of too! Talk to us anyway, we will figure something out for you. 

Other stuff

If you think of a cat scenario that you think our cat expertise might be useful. Talk to us!  

Need any of these services? Click here to find out the prices!