10 reasons why you should choose Maow Care 

  1. We are the longest standing pet sitting company in Dublin! We have been around since 2009.

  2. We are a proper registered company, with full insurance, who have the expertise and experience to take care of your cat while you are away.

  3. We are a member of Pet Sitters International. We comply to the Code of Ethic and Conduct set up by such international association for professional pet sitters. You can see our listing here.

  4. We are available on the phone 24/7/365!

  5. We are committed to the care of your cat. Each family will be assigned to a primary sitter and a backup sitter in case of accident or illness.

  6. We have hundreds of happy customers!

  7. We are actively involved with various cat charities in Dublin. We try our best to help out whenever we can. Alice started Hungry Maow food drive for example. You can read more about it here.

  8. We also work closely with different vets in Dublin. Talk to your vet, they probably know us.

  9. We are all cat mad ourselves! You will be talking to someone who 'get' cat and your love to your cat! Read more about us here.

  10. We have been on the media! Check it out here.

Testimonials: Cat Sitting

"A peace of mind, priceless..". 
(C.C. Crumlin, Dublin 12)

"Alice is great. Alice is the best. Alice is the cure to all your cats problems. She is so available and dependable.
She gives great advice to stressed cat people. For sure the best cat minder of all. She also helped us a lot with fantastic advice when we got the idea of adopting a second cat but had no clue on how to handle it with the first cat.  She keeps both humans and our feline friends happy. 
100% recommended
Thanks again you are the best!" 
(C.R. Fairview, Dublin)

"Alice provided a super service while we were away and kept our two cats in their daily routine in their own environment which in our opinion was a much better option for them than a kennels.Will definitely recommend and use the service again"
(A.M. Dundrum, Dublin 16) 

"As a newcomer to Ireland we were surprised how hard it was to find in home cat care. We were very lucky to find Alice and Maow Care. Alice LOVES cats (check out her cat interns!) and also knows a lot about kitty health issues. This means that we know our cat is getting affection while we are gone, and in case something might happen, we can rest assured that Alice would be able to take care of any medical emergency too! Highly recommended! KT from the US now living in Dublin"
(K.T. Blackrock, Dublin)

"Thanks Alice! We had great peace of mind while we were away!"
(K.F. Stoneybatter, Dublin 7)

"It's such a relief to discover you exist."
H.H. (The Liberties, Dublin 8)

"I thought you were extremely good, it was nice to know that she was doing well and that her embarrassing geriatric scatalogical habits weren't being judged! It was very good to know that she was getting some cuddles while we were away."
A.H. (Dublin 2)

"It was brilliant, my cat was well looked after and very happy (altough she was happy to see me again :))" 
A.Z. (Ashbourne, Co. Meath)

"We were very pleased with the service provided by Maow Care. Our cat isn't the easiest but she was looked after very well and seemed happy." 
E. C. (Bray, Co. Wicklow)

"Thanks again for taking care of the monsters, they both looked really relaxed and happy on our return and have adjusted really well now we're back - a real difference from other times we've gone away! I'm very impressed by the fact that Bigwig hopped up to sit beside you on the sofa - you've a friend for life there!" 
S.D. (Crumlin, Dublin)

"Complete peace of mind from day one with Maow Care. Very professional but also friendly service.
Peaches was a very happy cat on our return."
C.H. (Eastwall, Dublin 3)

"Pepito needed to be checked and since he was sick I wanted to have a professional coming to check up on him even if no drugs or anything specific was needed for him. I was delighted to get text messages and a full report of how the w-e went from Alice. It reassured me about the fact that Pepito as well as my other cat Pilou were ok and in good hands. It helped me relax over the w-e and stop worrying about how Pepito was coping after coming out of the Vet Hospital a few days earlier. I'll definitely use this service again."
A.P. (South George Street, Dublin 2)

"Just ppuurrrffeeccttt ;-) your service is better than the best medicine!"
R.A. (Swords, Co. Dublin)

"Very satisfied. Thank you Alice!"
M.S. (Harold's Cross, Dublin)

"Alice is extremely capable and dependable, totally trustworthy. She looked after my special needs cat very well while we were away. It is evident to me that she is very competent at giving subcutaneous fluids and oral medicines to cats. I recommend her highly."
M.H. (Clontarf, Dublin)

"I was really pleased by Alice's professionalism. Her detailed questionaire, useful emails, her dedication to the cat's happiness and well-being, her enthusiasm about what she does; it really feels it's a passion more than a job for her. I only expected to receive pictures by text, but I loved her initiative to film Foxy playing with his new toy he got for Christmas, and put it on YouTube so that I could see him. Alice even managed to brush his teeth, which I am still struggling to do! When I got back Foxy was happy and full of energy. I'll definitely use Maow Care services again. :-)" 
M.L. (Dublin 2)

"I was extremely impressed with your level of detail and organisation, it really put my mind at ease as I was nervous about leaving the kittens for the first time. I really think you provide an excellent service and will definitely be calling you again! Thanks so much! Please let me know if you ever need any recommendations from potential clients." 
K.S. (Deangrange, Co. Dublin)

"Thanks Alice!!!" 
A.H. (Island Bridge, Dublin)

"I have ticked the a little high on the price but I fully understand that it was the Xmas week! My cats were super happy and pampered when I got home. For the first time none of them decided not to speak to me for a few hours as it normally happens when they are shipped to the cattery. I am absolutely content about the service and will definetely use it any time I leave going forward...it's worth it!"
D.R. (Cabra, Dublin)

"I would definitely go for Maow care again or would recommend it to cat loverss without any doubts." 
S.R. (Christchurch, Dublin)

"Prompt and thorough. What more can you ask for?"
R.D. (Dundrum, Dublin)

"Very happy with the service - Alice is very good with the cats, reliable and very flexible." 
V.R. (Rialto, Dublin)

"My cats were very well looked after by Maow Care!!"
K.B. (Malahide, Co.Dublin)

Testimonials: Behavioural Therapy

"Add a fearless kitten with boundless energy to a place, home to fussy and independent adult cat used to peace and comfort. It was by definition a recipe for a disastrous relationship and turn the house into a warzone.
No surprises. Indeed it was! On the top of that we were on the verge of losing the original queen of the house, who, not pleased with the competition was staying out for longer periods of time, coming home only to feed.
Alice's advices and help have turned that around and life at home has become much quieter, and even though still a work in progress, the two cats have learned to tolerate each other and have even displayed some signs of friendship. 
Something that wouldn't have happened without Alice and we're eternally grateful since it was getting very heavy to handle.
Thank you so much for all your help Alice. You're a star!"
(O.V. Fairview, Dublin)

"To every cat lover out there…Ciapek in one day showed us that there is a big chance of improvement and establishing human and cat relationship like we have with the other three cats. His enemy number one was able to see him face to face and hold him for the first time thanks to Alice and we will follow her advice for Ciapek's happiness so that we can all have a less stressed life living together. Thanks Alice for your great advice." 
R.M. (Portarlington, Co. Offaly)

"Alice the Cat Whisperer is absolutely amazing! Anyone in Dublin who needs a cat sitter, or whose cat needs therapy...call her! She has worked wonders for me and Etcetera!" 
C.P. (Christchurch, Dublin) 

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