Hungry Maow

Hungry Maow is a charity initiative started by Maow Care. 

During our daily rounds, we noticed a lot of customers had cat food that they didn't use. We began to ask them about it. They usually said it was food their cat did not like and would not eat. We decided to do something about this.  

The lovely Rosemary at The Constant Knitter agreed to be our food collection point. If you have unwanted cat food, please drop it to Rosemary. Or if you think of it, grab a pouch or two of extra cat food next time in the shop. Our kitty friends will thank you for that! 

Your Car is Too Hot

Every year, there are so many tragic stories in the media about people leaving their dogs in their cars. Even though we are a cat company, we are animal lovers first and foremost. Cat Man has designed this poster to help educate the public to NEVER leave your dog in the car, no matter how short a time and EVEN if you leave a gap at the window. Please feel free to download this poster and stick it to your car window. Other drivers might see it and change their mind about leaving their dogs behind. It might save lives! Our doggie friends will thank you for that! 

The poster has been set up in a fool proof way that there is no need to adjust any setting with your printer. Just click print, and it will come out. 


The Warmest Spot

We work with cats every day. Some of our loyal cat customers are with us for many years. Inevitably we come across their passings. Seeing the distress of our customers, Alice comes up with the idea of a virtual cat memorial. It gives a place for 'closure'. We asked a few of our grieving customers for their inputs and got very positive feedback, so the rest is history. 

We run bi-monthly meet up session for grieving cat lovers to talk about their cats in the safe environment surrounded by cat lovers. Check out our next meet up here


Sponsor at Dublin Pride

We are a LGBT friendly business, your privacy is important to us. Talk to us today! 


Together for Yes

We are a proud supporter for Together for Yes. Alice designed these cat theme badges to raise funds for the campaign. It was officially stock at the Together for Yes pop-up shops.