Who are we? 

We are cat people!

When Alice and Jason moved to Dublin from Paris in 2007, for the first time ever they had no family to help take care of their cat when they travelled. So they went looking and tried to look for a paid option. They quickly realised that there weren't that many options out there for cat people. Having a very difficult cat who doesn't travel well at all made going to a cattery a very difficult operation. Alice thought, 'Ha! I could start a cat sitting business!' They thought, 'Hey! Why not?' 

Before they knew it, Alice left her office job and began cat sitting full time. Since then, the amount of cat families we have signed up to service has been growing every year. In 2012, as demand grew, we even started recruiting a few of our customers to join our team as cat sitters too! 

We have served hundreds of cat people all over Dublin. Read more about us here

Why hire a cat sitter? And how does it work?  

Some people might think you are mental when you tell them you are hiring a cat sitter, but you know better! The way we live with cats has changed so much during the past twenty years, from working animals in farms to our companions, friends and important family members. Cats help provide the kind of warmth and love which can be difficult to obtain in modern society.

We are cat people ourselves; we know cats are our best friends and important members of the family. We miss our cats when we are away ourselves so we totally understand your worry. And on top of that, we know your cat(s) miss you too when you are away! We see it every day! We are here to make the separation less stressful for you and your cat.  

Look at our step by step demo showing how cat sitting works and talk to us today

I think my cat has behavioural problems, can you help me? 

Does your cat do any of these? 

* Peeing or pooping outside of the litter box

* Clawing and doing other destructive behaviours (e.g. scratching the furniture)

* Being aggressive towards human or other cats, e.g. clawing, biting, chasing, bullying, etc.

* Yowling, and other compulsive behaviours. 

* Other so-called “bad behaviour”

Alice, our cat behaviourist, might be able to help. Write to her and get a FREE 10 minute phone call for an initial assessment. She will be able to tell you if she can help you.