Alice - the Cat Lady, CFRI

A cat sitter and behaviourist, Alice is a holder of Advanced Award Certificate of Feline Behaviour (with Distinction), more

Jason - the Cat Man, CPPS, CFR

Lifelong cat lover, he has been living with cats since he was an infant. He is a Certified Pet Sitters certified Pet Sitters more

Sara - the Vet Nurse, RVN

A registered veterinary nurse, Sara is a lifelong lover of cats (and all animals). Having spent almost 10 years working in Recruitment and HR in Ireland and in Australia, Sara has decided to change career to pursue her first love of animals and graduated with Bachelor of Science Veterinary Nursing programme in more

Janette - the Cat Groomer, the Foster, CFR

Passionate about animal welfare from childhood, Janette is a veterinary assistant, qualifying in 2000. She has been a cat rescue volunteer for the past 5 years, fostering over 50 kittens - specialising in bottle feeding and hand rearing orphaned/abandoned more

Grainne - the Shy and Fussy Cat Magician

Grainne has been a satisfied Maow Care customer for many years before joining the team. In all that time, her cat only let Alice rub her once as a special treat one Christmas day. As you can guess from this, Grainne has been well trained in serving the needs of very shy and fussy more

Larm Larm - the Mascot

Alice's confidant for 13 years. Born in Hong Kong, adopted by Alice from a shelter, he has moved to Paris then Dublin. He is a well-travelled cat who has never had a problem on flights, cars nor in ferries.   He has travelled 10627.48km with more

Fa Fa - the Mascot

Fa Fa joined Maow Care as a permanent member of staff since September 2009 after her internship of 6 weeks. Her mother showed up heavily pregnant one day at the driveway of some nice lady, the nice lady gave her food and more

Kitten Interns

We occasionally take in kitten interns at Maow Care, here are the few of them....

Fleabag - the Intern

Fleabag was found covered with fleas in a puddle on the side of a road on more

Boyboy and GirlyGirl - the Interns

Girly Girl and Boyboy are brother and sister. They were found by some nice people in a park as stray kittens at the age of 4 more

Mum - Internship Supervisor, 
Fluffy, Blurry, Strappy, Smoky - Interns

Mum showed showed up heavily pregnant one day at the driveway of some nice lady, the nice lady gave her food and more