Larm Larm - the Mascot

Alice's confidant for 13 years.

Larm Larm was born in Hong Kong and adopted by Alice from a shelter. Since then he has moved to Paris then Dublin. He is a well-travelled cat who has never had a problem on flights, cars nor in ferries. He has travelled 10627.48km with Alice.  

He has also been blacklisted by vets in Hong Kong, Paris, and then Dublin due to his difficult personality. 

He is the reason why Alice became interested in cat behaviour and eventually turned this passion into her full time job. 

Fa Fa - the Mascot

Fa Fa joined Maow Care as a permanent member of staff since September 2009 after her internship of 6 weeks.

Her mother showed up heavily pregnant one day at the driveway of some nice lady, and the nice lady gave her food and shelter. Mum disappeared for two days until the nice lady opened the closet one day and found Fa Fa with her sisters and her mum in there! DSPCA contacted Maow Care immediately and delivered 5 kittens to our office the same day. 

Fa Fa's three sisters and mum have since been adopted through DSPCA while Fa Fa and Larm Larm become inseparable. Maow Care decided to take her on board.