Kitten Interns

We occasionally take in kitten interns at Maow Care, here are the few of them....


Fleabag was found covered with fleas in a puddle on the side of a road on 2009. Alice and Jason fostered him for a few weeks until he got better and found a forever home.

We shed a few tears! (Especially Cat Man, but don't tell him we told you...shhhhhhh....) 

Boyboy and GirlyGirl

Girly Girl and Boyboy are brother and sister. They were found by some nice people in a park as stray kittens at the age of 4 weeks. Contacted by the DSPCA, Maow Care decided to take them in as interns until they are ready to be rehomed. Since they are at Maow Care, they have been spraying and middening in our office. Fortunately, with our intensive counselling, they have improved. They have finished their internship in August 2009 and have found a nice home

Mum - Internship Supervisor, 
Fluffy, Blurry, Strappy, Smoky - Interns, Cat Sitting Department

Mum showed showed up heavily pregnant one day at the driveway of some nice lady, the nice lady gave her food and shelter. Mum disappeared for two days until nice lady opened the closet one day and found 4 kittens and Mum in there! DSPCA contacted Maow Care immedidately and delivered 5 of them to our office the same day. They finished their internship in September 2009. Blurry, Strappy, Smoky and Mum have since been adopted through DSPCA while Fluffy and Larm Larm become inseparable. Maow Care decided to take her on board and renamed her Fafa.