Grainne - the Shy and Fussy Cat Magician

Grainne has been a satisfied Maow Care customer for many years before joining the team. In all that time, her cat only let Alice rub her once as a special treat one Christmas day. As you can guess from this, Grainne has been well trained in serving the needs of very shy and fussy cats. 

She is delighted to be able to indulge her love of cats by joining the Maow Care team. She has since managed to do her magic to open up many ex feral cats in our customer base. Every time when a customer said their cats won't come out for anyone, we will send Grainne. Usually after one or two visits, Grainne would manage to pat those cats, much to their human's surprise!  

She lives with her husband Conor and their very fussy cat Peaches.