The Warmest Spot Cat Memorial

At Maow Care, we unfortunately have to dealt with cat's passing with my customers regularly and I can see the distress and at times...lack of closure. 

There are always some horrible people saying inappropriate things like - 'oh it's just a cat', or 'you can get another one'. 

So I decide to take this into my hand and made The Warmest Spot Cat Memorial page so that people can put their tribute up there. It will be display permanently. It gives people somewhere to 'go to' when they think of their cat. 

If you want to put something on the site, please be in touch. It's free and I am doing this using my own money.

Please also feel free to leave comments under each tribute, I am sure it will give great comfort to the cat's human. 
I am also trying to organise a bi-monthly meetup so that people can have a safe environment to talk about their cats knowing there won't be insensitive comments.

You can check out event details on the website or on our Facebook event page