Pet CPR only - 3 spot left!

I got some enquiries from people asking if it is possible to learn just Pet CPR without doing the whole workshop. 

The answer is YES!

Some of you might be interested in doing the Pet First Responder workshop, but either due to lack of time or lack of fund, and wanted to do the workshop in two parts. 

So yes, if you want to just do the CPR part of the workshop and do the First Aid part of the workshop later in the year or not at all, it's possible. 

You will learn: 

  • Canine and feline Communication
  • Scene Assessment and Barrier use
  • How to approach the owner of the animal and your legal liability
  • Primary Assessment
  • CPR and Rescue Breathing

You will get: 

  • A first aid kit for you to take home (value 15 Euro)
  • Tea/coffee and snack during the morning
  • Of course, confidence and knowledge how to help your own pet or other animals on the street in case of emergency

Date: 1 July 2017

Time: 10am to 1pm, with 15 minute tea break

Venue: The Constant Knitter, 88 Francis St, Dublin 8

Fee: €65