Pet CPR - Tallinn

Do you want to learn Pet CPR? This is now a golden opportunity to do so!

Alice Chau Ginguene is a Cat Behaviourist and Canine First Responder Instructor. She will be visiting Tallinn this summer. She will run a short half day workshop to teach you the most crucial technique to handle pet emergency.

Pet CPR Workshop

Date: 12 August 2017
Time: 10:00 - 13:00
Venue: Tallinn City Centre, to be confirmed

You will learn:
-Canine and feline Communication
-Scene Assessment and Barrier use
-How to approach the owner of the animal and your legal liability
-Primary Assessment
-CPR and Rescue Breathing

35 Euro (just workshop)
45 Euro (workshop + first aid kit)

Canine First Responder Certificate

Date: 12 August 2017
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Venue: Tallinn City Centre, to be confirmed

If you are interested in complete the full training to be a Certified Canine First Responder, there is also a possibility. You can attend the morning and stay the afternoon to do the additional learning. 

You will learn: 
-Control of serious bleeding
-Shock Management · Spinal Injury Management
-Injury Assessment
-Illness Assessment
-Splinting for Fractures and Dislocations
-Bandaging Minor Wounds
-Safe Transportation to Vet Facility
-Burns, Poisoning, Hypothermia/ Hyperthermia And More…..

You will also get:
- Your own copy of the CFR CD containing the student manual so you can refresh your knowledge at home
- An international recognised certificate upon the completion of the course (valid for 2 years)
- A first aid kit for you to take home (value 15 Euro)
- A laminated quick tip card - useful as a reminder you can leave in your car in case of an accident for example
- Tea/coffee and snack during the day
- Of course, confidence and knowledge how to help your own pet or other animals on the street in case of emergency

85 Euro, this is a special discount for Tallinn, normal price is £95 in UK or 115 Euro in Dublin

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